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22 Minute Spin February 5, 2017

Equipment: Indoor Cycling Bike

This just over 20-Minute Spinning Class packs a punch in a crunch! You’ll get in some jumps, sprints, and hill drills, attacking each with intensity and mental toughness. Let’s get after it!

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Mimi is amazing! I just absolutely love her energy and the way she instructs the class!! Hope to see more of them on here!

User Photo 198

Great class Mimi! Just what my tired legs needed! Thank you. This is my first class with you. Nice intensity in a short amount of time! I’m drenched!

Mimi, this class really does it for me. I love it! I’ve done it 4 times in a row. It makes me smile. Thank you!

First ride with proper clip in shoes; great class to get a feel and find form, pace and underused hams. This Mimi!

Great class, i enjoyed it! The variations going up the hill got my heart pumping for sure. I kept going for the extra 8 minutes to make it 3o minutes. I didn’t realize it was 22 mins when I started as it was listed in new 30min spin classes.

More from Mimi please. I squeezed this in after a 30 min from Cat which I thought had finished me. Then as I had extra time so I thought I will just see how much I could do if this class, but I loved the format, the music and teaching of Mimi that I crushed the full 22 mins. Loved it Mimi, I echo the other sweaters comments please can you do a full class, soon!

User Photo 770

Second time doing this workout and Mimi, you are a sweet, tough little powerhouse! You’re kind of mean but it’s hard to be mad at you because you are also so sweet the whole time you’re causing massive sweat and leg torture! 🙂

User Photo 29231

Amazing music!! Love love love the song choices!! Mimi is so motivating and her exercises are tough but fun. Mimi you’re my new favorite!

User Photo 197

awesome… I was saving to do this class for just the right day!!! 🙂 Looking forward to more classes from you MIMI!!

User Photo 1261

Didn’t have much time today. This was perfect. No time wasted during this class. Looking forward to more from Mimi!

Mimi: Loved this class, esp. music, word “bump” and how you taxi and never losing a beat, great transitioning to the “bump”….have a great day SSOD Team

User Photo 17844

Mimi, I’ve been with SSOD for a little over a year now, and this is the first I’ve taken of your classes. I only had a little time today – this was awesome! You packed an hour workout into 23 minutes – it’s great! I’ll look for more of your classes going forward. Thanks for making my day! Jan

I like classes that “add-on”, it helps me stay in the moment with a bigger sense of accomplishment at the end. Reminds me of my younger years with dance and step aerobics. Thanks Mimi!

User Photo 120

Don’t let ‘being short on time’ win. With this 22 minute Sweatfestival – there are NO excuses.

Thank you, Mimi.

Heather Loenen

User Photo 26840

Hooraaaaaayyyyyy!!! A Mimi class! I hope to see lots more of these!

Yes, I’m still panting and sweating and I’m all jacked up for the day!!

Thanks Mimi. Great class.

User Photo 22757

This was my second workout of the day and it was the perfect amount of cardio for the amount of energy I had! Adding this to my morning quick cardio list!

Mimi, your class forced me to do more than I’ve ever done in any other class. Because it was short, I knew I had to push harder to get something out of it or it wouldn’t be worth it. What. A. Workout! Great Playlist. thank you so much.

Mimi: What a great spin with valuable exercises. I enjoy the push/recover/push/recover approach for maximum cardiac benefit. I repeated the first 10 minutes of the class as I had time to spare. I will be back for more. Thanks again for a great class.

Repeated the class today, and it is a classic. I’ll finish the week with this class. Today I added the first fifteen minutes to the class because it is so worthwhile. Tomorrow my goal is to do the class back to back. This class deserves to be longer. Thanks again for a great spin.

You have the formula for success for all your students. Even in the warm up, push then pull back, then push again. This is my all time favorite, except when I have to do Mike’s Recovery Ride for some personal misadventures! Thanks again.

I was so excited to see your class. In the beginning I was so happy it was only 25 minutes, but by the end I was wishing it was an hour!!! Awesome class and loved the music. Thanks Mimi ?

Very good class! I did a shorter sculpt and spin class before this, and this one was great for keeping up momentum. I especially appreciated that Mimi’s timing/count down was spot on. To the second. I tend to push myself as hard as I can and need accurate expectations. 🙂 One suggestion: This ended very abruptly. I was at about a zone four and was instructed “to cool down.” Maybe one more song or literally two minutes of light spinning tacked on the end would make it seem a bit less abrupt. Thanks!

User Photo 770

Mi-oh-mi-oh-mimi! That was a great class! I loved the 20 minute format, the music, and the mix of moves. It never felt too tough with you coaching us along. Please, many more classes like this one. It was the perfect way to get a short ride done when I didn’t have the time for a full 60 minute class!

User Photo 22899

This is GREAT! Intensity and music were perfect, thou it be 20 in it FLEW by, waterfalls of sweat, seamless class, Thank you!

Tacked this short but masterful class onto a longer cardio boot camp workout for the perfect hour of sweat. Mimi’s coaching is really awesome- clear info in what’s coming and how long the sprints are etc. I really appreciate that so I can push myself accordingly. More Mimi!
Heather W

FFS. Perfect class for me, Mimi, as I needed a quick one in order to make my son’s basketball game. Loved finding this. Love your coaching style and encouragement. Thank you.

User Photo 862

First of all thank you for putting the punch in a 30 min workout!!! I did not want to workout today because of so much going on BUT so glad I did 🙂 Thank you again ?❤

User Photo 232

Mimi, thank you so much for filming this excellent class for us! It was absolutely fantastic- so much sweat in a little over 20 minutes! I too was over the top happy to see a new class from you-lets keep the happy vibe going and film another one really soon!
Mary W.

User Photo 227

Mimi – this was awesome!! I can’t believe how worked and done I was after 20 minutes. I was over the top happy to have this new class from you. Everything about it was great – you, the music, and the format. Loved it! Please film again soon – like tomorrow! 🙂

User Photo 2982

Loved it Mimi! Really like your instruction style especially with the use of the music for the drills 🙂 More please..

User Photo 1357

I did a cartwheel when I saw it was MIMI…. love loved this class, great format great push great everything.. I just want to know when are we going to get a full spin class with Mimi? Until then thanks MIMI adore you..